Seminár z teoretickej informatiky

Fri 2 Oct. 2009, 11:00

Title: Inferring the duplication history of a gene cluster
Speaker: Giltae Song, Penn State University, USA

A gene cluster is a set of two or more genes formed by
duplication events that copy a segment to a new position in a
genome.  Reconstructing the duplication history of each gene
cluster is important to understand biological mechanisms of
evolving gene functions and genetic diseases.  In this talk, I
will present a new approach for inferring the duplication history
of a gene cluster.  It is based on an assumption that no two
duplications have a common boundary in a duplication history.
Mainly, the algorithm focuses on identifying the latest
duplication event in the duplication history.  Once the latest
duplication event is inferred, the duplicated region of the latest
duplication is eliminated and all the steps in the algorithm are
repeated until the duplication-free sequence is reconstructed.  I
will present results on simulation data and real human gene

This is joint work with Louxin Zhang, Tomas Vinar, and Webb