Kužela seminar series

Wed 25 Nov. 2009, 14:00
CH1-222 (PriFUK)

Title: Genome wide analysis of environmental stress response in yeast and close relatives
Speaker: Christoph Schüller, Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology University of Vienna, Max F. Perutz Laboratories

Dr. Schüller started his independent research group, whose aim is to 
understand mechanisms involved in stress-induced changes in gene regulation
in yeast, especially in the opportunistic pathogen Candida glabrata. He 
chose this human fungal pathogen fungus because of its similarity to 
S. cerevisiae. He suspected that the virulence of this fungus might be 
partly explained by adapted transcriptional patterns. He and
and his colleagues characterized the environmental stress gene 
transcription program of C.glabrata. Also, in functional-genomic screens 
they uncovered a coordination of oxidative and nutrient
stress responses. Furthermore, they are investigating host-pathogen 
interactions of the fungus with phagocytic cells. They found that a 
utophagocytic mechanisms greatly improve survival of C. glabrata in
a phagocytosis situation. This exciting finding provides insights into the 
strategies of the fungal pathogen and opens an avenue to be followed in 
the future to integrate regulated autophagy and environmental stress