Bioinformatický seminár

Tue 19 Oct. 2010, 17:20

Title: F. Zhao, J. Peng, J. Debartolo, K. F. Freed, T. R. Sosnick, J. Xu. A Probabilistic Graphical Model for Ab Initio Folding.
Speaker: Erik Birčák

Despite significant progress in recent years, ab initio folding is still
one of the most challenging problems in structural biology. This paper
presents a probabilistic graphical model for ab initio folding, which
employs Conditional Random Fields (CRFs) and directional statistics to
model the relationship between the primary sequence of a protein and its
three-dimensional structure. Different from the widely-used fragment
assembly method and the lattice model for protein folding, our graphical
model can explore protein conformations in a continuous space according to
their probability. The probability of a protein conformation reflects its
stability and is estimated from PSI-BLAST sequence profile and predicted
secondary structure. Experimental results indicate that this new method
compares favorably with the fragment assembly method and the lattice