Kužela seminar series

Fri 20 May. 2011, 13:00

Title: RNA editing and mitochondrial translation in trypanosomes
Speaker: Dmitri Maslov, University of California Riverside, USA

U-insertion/deletion RNA editing in trypanosomes creates
translatable reading frames from translation-incompetent
pre-edited mRNA. The process of editing is mediated by small
guide RNAs that perform their role in a highly ordered fashion
beginning at the 3' end of a pre-edited transcript and proceeding
in the 5' direction. The process of editing is coupled with
addition of long poly(A/U) tails which signify translation-
competence of the mRNA. Translation is performed by 50S monosomes
which display a unique combination of conserved and derived
features. It is hypothesized that in order to recognize the mRNA,
the monosomes interact with other protein complexes, particularly
those which contain pentatricopeptide repeat (PPR) proteins.