Mathematical Biology Seminar

Tue 21 Jun. 2011, 14:15

Title: A systems biology approach to tackle the problem of complex disease - physician's prospective discussed on an example of progressive multiple sclerosis
Speaker: Bibiana Bielekova, Neuroimmunological Diseases Unit, National Institutes Health, USA

Fully evolved, progressive human disorders, such as
neurodegenerative or chronic inflammatory diseases, represent
extremely complex biological systems with multiple contributing
pathophysiological processes. Traditional models of scientific
research, which focus on studying a particular pathophysiological
process in isolation, yielded only limited therapeutic success
for complex human diseases. Systems biology represents an
alternative model of scientific research, which is uniquely
suited to study intricate biological systems. While "bottom-up"
applications of systems biology, originating from genomic and
expression profiling data are becoming increasingly
common, "top-down" methods of systems biology, exceptionally
suited to clinical and translational research of complex
diseases, have not been embraced to the same extent.

The lecture will provide overview of systems biology "top-down"
applications on the example of progressive multiple
sclerosis (MS). It will highlight the need for development of
computational approaches for analysis of multimodality datasets
and the requirement to establish fruitful collaborations between
physicians-scientists and team of experts in the area of
biomathematics, biophysics and biostatistics in order to
establish "wet-lab/bedside" - "dry-lab/modeling" bidirectional
interactions that will lead to greater understanding of the
biological system.

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