1-BIN-301, 2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics, 2021/22

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Cvičenia vo štvrtok o 14:00 sú určené pre študentov BIN, INF, mINF, mAIN, DAV. Cvičenia vo štvrtok o 17:20 sú pre študentov z PriFUK a z fyzikálnych odborov. Obidvoje cvičenia sa budú konať už v prvom týždni semestra.


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We will use MS teams system for course discussion and announcements

The goal of online discussions is to get fast answers to your questions not only from instructors but also from your classmates. Please follow these rules:

  • Outside of lectures and tutorials, write your questions to "General channel"
  • Posts in this channel are shown to all students. Do not post there questions regarding your homework or quiz answers. Never publish your answers or their parts.
  • You are required to follow class announcements posted to this channel.