1-BIN-301, 2-AIN-501 Methods in Bioinformatics, 2022/23

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Homework assignments and journal club papers can be found in Tasks and dates.
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Groups for journal club have each their own channel in MS Teams.

Tasks and dates

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When published Deadline for submitting Questions
Quizes (Slovak only) Each Thursday 19:00 Next Wednesday 22:00
Quizzes in Moodle
Homework 1 Oct. 14, 2021 November 9, 2021 22:00 inf: pdf, bio: pdf
Sequencing, alignment
Files for biologists: Excel table
Moodle: inf, bio
Homework 2 Nov. 11, 2021 Nov. 30, 2021 22:00
Evolution, comparative genomics
Homework 3 Nov. 30, 2021 Dec. 14, 2021 22:00
Proteins, RNA
Journal club paper selection Oct. 14, 2021 Oct. 20, 2021 22:00 list of papers and form
Please submit the form
Journal club report Dec. 17, 2021 22:00

All assignments should be submitted to Moodle as a pdf before the specified deadline.