Important changes

Check below the deadlines for submissions.

Competitive Programming (Rýchlostné programovanie)

Main goal of this class is to improve skill of solving algorithmic tasks (and programming the solutions) and also as a preparation for various programming contests. We will solve various contests from around the world (if your favourite is not included please let me know).
It is strongly recommended to check the style of tasks before singing up for the class (you could also check the side from past years

Most of the semester there will be no classes and you can solve the problems from anywhere you like (and anytime you like). However, there will be some meeting about problems during semester (announced beforehand of course).

Submitting the solutions

You will solve the contest on relevant web site (e.g. codeforces).
Afterwards you will go to and submit a report of your contest result. Report should contain: Expected number of points (without this information, you will be awarded zero points), summary of solved tasks (which ones and whether it was during contest or afterwards), source codes and relevant screenshots of contest judge outputs as proofs.


For the first task solved during contest you will get 2 points, for the second task solved during contest you will get 4 points, for the third task solved during contest you will get 6 points, ...
You can also solve tasks after the contest (there is no difference whether it is during virtual contest or you just submit a solution). You will be awared half a points (first task for 1, second for 2, ...).
If you solve two tasks during contest and one afterwards you will get 2 + 4 + 3 points.
This grading scheme should encourage you to solve multiple problems from one contest instead of solving only easy ones from multiple contests.

Grading: A: 22, B: 16, C: 13, D: 10, E: 8

(Keep calm, there will be enough tasks for achive this easily.)


Your grade will be assigned during the week after the deadline for submissions.

Contests to solve


Either via classroom, our <surname>