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Leto 2018

Matthew Combs, Emily E. Puckett, Jonathan Richardson, Destiny Mims, Jason Munshi-South. Spatial population genomics of the brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) in New YorkCity. Molecular ecology, 27(1):83-98. 2018.

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Human commensal species such as rodent pests are often widely distributed across 
cities and threaten both infrastructure and public health. Spatially explicit
population genomic methods provide insights into movements for cryptic pests that
drive evolutionary connectivity across multiple spatial scales. We examined
spatial patterns of neutral genomewide variation in brown rats (Rattus
norvegicus) across Manhattan, New York City (NYC), using 262 samples and 61,401
SNPs to understand (i) relatedness among nearby individuals and the extent of
spatial genetic structure in a discrete urban landscape; (ii) the geographic
origin of NYC rats, using a large, previously published data set of global rat
genotypes; and (iii) heterogeneity in gene flow across the city, particularly
deviations from isolation by distance. We found that rats separated by