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The MGC Project Team. The Completion of the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC). Genome Research, 2009.
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Since its start, the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) has sought to
provide at least one full-CDS cDNA clone for every human and mouse
gene with a RefSeq transcript, and at least 6200 rat genes. The MGC
cloning effort initially relied on random EST-screening of cDNA
libraries. Here we summarize our recent progress using directed RT-PCR
cloning and DNA synthesis. The MGC now contains clones with the entire
protein-coding sequence for 92% of human and 89% of mouse genes with
curated RefSeq (NM-accession) transcripts, and for 97 % of human and
96% of mouse genes with curated RefSeq transcripts that have one or
more PubMed publications, in addition to clones for more than 6300 rat
genes. These high-quality MGC clones and their sequences are
accessible without restriction to researchers worldwide.