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Brona Brejova, Stefan Dobrev, Rastislav Kralovic, Tomas Vinar. Efficient routing in carrier-based mobile networks. Theoretical Computer Science, 509:113-121. 2013.
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The past years have seen an intense research effort directed at study of 
delay/disruption tolerant networks and related concepts (intermittently 
connected networks, opportunistic mobility networks). As a fundamental 
primitive, routing in such networks has been one of the research foci. 
While multiple network models have been proposed and routing in them 
investigated, most of the published results are of heuristic nature with 
experimental validation; analytical results are scarce and apply mostly to 
networks whose structure follows deterministic schedule.

In this paper, we propose a simple model of opportunistic mobility network 
based on oblivious carriers, and investigate the routing problem in such 
networks. We present an optimal online routing algorithm and compare it 
with a simple shortest-path inspired routing and optimal offline routing. 
In doing so, we identify the key parameters (the minimum non-zero 
probability of meeting among the carrier pairs, and the number of carriers 
a given carrier comes into contact) driving the separation among these 



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