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Leto 2016

Stephen Leslie, Bruce Winney, Garrett Hellenthal, Dan Davison, Abdelhamid Boumertit, Tammy Day, Katarzyna Hutnik, Ellen C. Royrvik, Barry Cunliffe, Daniel J. Lawson, Daniel Falush, Colin Freeman, Matti Pirinen, Simon Myers, Mark Robinson, Peter Donnelly, Walter Bodmer. The fine-scale genetic structure of the British population. Nature, 519(7543):309-314. 2015.

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Fine-scale genetic variation between human populations is interesting as a
signature of historical demographic events and because of its potential for
confounding disease studies. We use haplotype-based statistical methods to
analyse genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data from a carefully
chosen geographically diverse sample of 2,039 individuals from the United
Kingdom. This reveals a rich and detailed pattern of genetic differentiation with
remarkable concordance between genetic clusters and geography. The regional
genetic differentiation and differing patterns of shared ancestry with 6,209
individuals from across Europe carry clear signals of historical demographic
events. We estimate the genetic contribution to southeastern England from
Anglo-Saxon migrations to be under half, and identify the regions not carrying
genetic material from these migrations. We suggest significant pre-Roman but
post-Mesolithic movement into southeastern England from continental Europe, and
show that in non-Saxon parts of the United Kingdom, there exist genetically
differentiated subgroups rather than a general 'Celtic' population.