Tomas Vinar. Privatne vypocitatelne funkcie (Privately Computable Functions). Master thesis, Comenius University Bratislava, April 1999.

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Consider $n$ players where $i$th player has a number $x_i$. They want to compute a
value $x=f(x_1,\dots,x_n)$ where $f$ is a given function. In addition no player wants
to release any information (in information theoretic sense) which cannot be derived
from the value of $x$ to other players. We call such computation unconditionally
private computation.

The most of thesis is a survey on results achieved in this field. However we have
introduced several new achievements. We have completed a constructive proof of private
functions characterization theorem in two-party case. This proof gives private
protocol for every private function of two variables which optimal in number of
rounds. In two-party case we also generalized most results to the case of protocols
which halt with probability 1. In multi-party case we have formulated problem
involving computability in the case of infinite domains. Also we bring detailed
bibliography of results and survey of open problems in the field.

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