1-DAV-202 Data Management 2021/22
Previously 2-INF-185 Data Source Integration

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Here is a preliminary plan of lectures for this year (the topics and their order may change):

2022-02-14 (BB/TV) ALL Introduction to the course Survey, Contact, Introduction, Rules, Connecting from Windows
Introduction to Perl Lecture, Homework
2022-02-21 No class
2022-02-28 (VB) ALL Command-line tools, Perl one-liners Lecture, Homework
2022-03-07 (VB) ALL Job scheduling and make Lecture, Homework
2022-03-14 (VB) ALL Python and SQL for beginners Lecture, Homework
2022-03-21 (VB) INF/DAV Python, web crawling, HTML parsing, sqlite3 Lecture, Homework
(AB) BIN Bioinformatics 1 (sequencing and genome assembly) Lecture, Homework
2022-03-28 (VB) INF/DAV Text data processing, flask Lecture, Homework
(AB) BIN Bioinformatics 2 (gene finding, RNA-seq) Lecture, Homework
2022-04-04 (VB) INF/DAV Data visualization in JavaScript Lecture, Homework
(AB) BIN Bioinformatics 3 (genome variants) Lecture, Homework
2022-04-11 (VB) ALL R, part 1 Lecture, Homework
Project proposals due Wednesday April 13
2022-04-18 Easter
2022-04-25 No class
2022-05-02 (VB) ALL R, part 2 Lecture, Homework
2022-05-09 (VB) ALL Cloud computing Lecture, Homework