1-DAV-202 Data Management 2023/24
Previously 2-INF-185 Data Source Integration

Materials · Introduction · Rules · Contact
· Grades from marked homeworks are on the server in file /grades/userid.txt
· Dates of project submission and oral exams:
Early: submit project May 24 9:00am, oral exams May 27 1:00pm (limit 5 students).
Otherwise submit project June 11, 9:00am, oral exams June 18 and 21 (estimated 9:00am-1:00pm, schedule will be published before exam).
Sign up for one the exam days in AIS before June 11.
Remedial exams will take place in the last week of the exam period. Beware, there will not be much time to prepare a better project. Projects should be submitted as homeworks to /submit/project.
· Cloud homework is due on May 20 9:00am.


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Here is a preliminary plan of lectures for this year (the topics and their order may change):

2023-02-22 (BB) ALL Introduction to the course Survey, Contact, Introduction, Rules, Connecting to server, Editors, Command-line basics
Introduction to Perl Lecture, Homework
2023-02-29 (BB) ALL Command-line tools, Perl one-liners Lecture, Homework
2023-03-07 (TV) ALL Job scheduling and make Lecture, Homework
2023-03-14 (TV) ALL SQL (and Python) for beginners Project, Lecture, Python, Homework
2023-03-21 (VB) INF/DAV Python, web crawling, HTML parsing, sqlite3 Lecture, Homework, Screen
(TV) BIN Bioinformatics 1 (sequencing and genome assembly) Lecture, Homework
2023-03-28 Easter
2023-04-04 (VB) INF/DAV Text data processing, flask Lecture, Homework
(TV) BIN Bioinformatics 2 (gene finding, RNA-seq) Lecture, Homework
2023-04-11 (BB) INF/DAV Data visualization in JavaScript Lecture, Homework
Project proposals due Friday April 12
(TV) BIN Bioinformatics 3 (genome variants) Lecture, Homework
2023-04-18 Student Research Conference
2023-04-25 No lecture
2023-05-02 (BB) ALL Python + C++ Lecture, Homework
2023-05-09 (VB) ALL Cloud computing Lecture, Homework
2023-05-16 No lecture

Optional materials:

  • If you are interested in R language, you can look at these lectures and homeworks. Files for the tasks are available on the server. However do not submit these homeworks.
    • Lr1, HWr1 tutorial to R and basic plotting
    • Lr2, HWr2 statistical tests in R