2-AIN-506, 2-AIN-252: Seminar in Bioinformatics (2), (4)
Summer 2024
Course Information


Participants will study, present and discuss newest developments in selected areas of bioinformatics and related fields.


Participation (at most one absence allowed)20%
Preparation for presentation 20%

Grades: A: 90+, B: 80+, C: 70+, D: 60+, E: 50+


  • The seminar is open for everybody interested in bioinformatics, even if you do not register in the course. However, we may ask attendees who do not take the course to also occassionally present at the seminar.
  • We recommend that participants have some knowledge of bioinformatics, for example obtained by taking Methods in Bioinformatics course.
  • Regular participation is required to pass the course. More than one unjustified absence means Fx grade.
  • Every student taking the course will present one paper chosen from the list provided by the instructors. The instructors will collect your preferences regarding the papers and dates. You can also suggest new papers, preferably those having both computer science and biology content and not older than 2 years.
  • Several days prior to your presentation, you will have a scheduled meeting with one of the instructors. Before this meeting, you should read the paper and consider on which parts of the paper you want to concentrate during your presentation. During the meeting, you can discuss with the instructors any questions regarding the paper and your presentation plans. You can prepare the presentation itself after the meeting. Your preparadness for the meeting is part of your grade.
  • More detailed instructions