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Leto 2020

James Hadfield, Colin Megill, Sidney M. Bell, John Huddleston, Barney Potter, Charlton Callender, Pavel Sagulenko, Trevor Bedford, Richard A. Neher. Nextstrain: real-time tracking of pathogen evolution. Bioinformatics, 34(23):4121-4123. 2018.

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Summary: Understanding the spread and evolution of pathogens is important for
effective public health measures and surveillance. Nextstrain consists of a
database of viral genomes, a bioinformatics pipeline for phylodynamics analysis, 
and an interactive visualization platform. Together these present a real-time
view into the evolution and spread of a range of viral pathogens of high public
health importance. The visualization integrates sequence data with other data
types such as geographic information, serology, or host species. Nextstrain
compiles our current understanding into a single accessible location, open to
health professionals, epidemiologists, virologists and the public alike.
Availability and implementation: All code (predominantly JavaScript and Python)
is freely available from github.com/nextstrain and the web-application is
available at nextstrain.org.