Brona Brejova, Daniel G. Brown, Tomas Vinar . Optimal DNA signal recognition models with a fixed amount of intrasignal dependency. In G. Benson, R. Page, ed., Algorithms and Bioinformatics: 3rd International Workshop (WABI), 2812 volume of Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics, pp. 78-94, Budapest, Hungary, September 2003. Springer.

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We study new probabilistic models for signals in DNA.  Our models allow
dependencies between multiple non-adjacent positions, in a generative model
we call a higher-order tree.  Computing the model of maximum likelihood is
equivalent in our context to computing a minimum directed spanning
hypergraph, a problem we show is NP-complete.  We instead compute good
models using simple greedy heuristics.  In practice, the advantage of using
our models over more standard models based on adjacent positions is
modest.  However,  there is a notable improvement in the estimation of the
probability that a given position is a signal, which is useful in the 
context of probabilistic gene finding.  We also show that there is little
improvement by incorporating multiple signals involved in gene structure
into a composite signal model in our framework, though again this gives
better estimation of the probability that a site is an acceptor site