Marcel Kucharik, Jakub Kovac, Brona Brejova. Gene finding with complex external information. In Markéta Lopatková, ed., Information Technologies - Applications and Theory (ITAT), 788 volume of CEUR-WS, pp. 39-46, Vrátna dolina, Slovakia, September 2011. Best paper award.

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The goal of gene finding is to locate genes, which are important
segments of DNA encoding proteins.  Programs solving this task
are based on hidden Markov models (HMMs) capturing statistical
features extracted from known genes, but often also incorporate
hints about the correct gene structure extracted from
experimental data. Existing gene finding programs can use such
external information only in a limited way. Typically, they can
process only simple hints describing a single part of the gene
structure, because these are relatively easy to incorporate to
standard HMM algorithms, but cannot cope with complex hints
spanning multiple parts. We have developed an efficient algorithm
able to process such complex hints. Our experiments show that
this approach slightly increases the accuracy of gene
prediction. We also prove that a more general class of hints
leads to an NP-hard problem.