N. Sihelska, L. Predajna, A. Nagyova, K. Soltys, J. Budis, J. Gubis, M. Mrkvova, J. Kraic, D. Mihalik, M. Glasa. Detection and molecular characterization of Slovak tomato isolates belonging totwo recombinant strains of potato virus Y. Acta Virologica, 60(4):347-353. 2016.

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Total RNAs from a symptomless tomato plant were subjected to next-generation
sequencing (NGS) analysis, revealing the presence of a single viral agent -
potato virus Y (PVY). The analysis of determined full-length genome sequence
assigned the PVY SL16 isolate to the recombinant PVY-N-Wi strain group. A series 
of primers targeting the four main recombinant junction (RJ) sites were used for 
characterization of additional 5 tomato PVY isolates recovered in Western
Slovakia. Based on the partial sequences, the isolates could be classified as
belonging to PVY-N-Wi and PVY-NTNa strain groups. Interestingly, both these
distinct recombinant PVY types were identified in mixed infection in one tomato
sample (SL31). Our results further reinforce the data on the complexity of PVY
infection and confirm the recombination as a significant evolutionary process
shaping the PVY diversity.